Influencer Marketing on Instagram: The Basics

Influencer Marketing on Instagram: The Basics

This year was the first year that spending on digital marketing has surpassed spending on traditional marketing. That being said, users are so bombarded with ads on every website that they are becoming blind to them.
This is a growing problem for companies – competing in an oversaturated market. The solution? Use influencers to sell products to consumers using a familiar face that they trust.


-Consumers are receiving the information in a creative way that they are not blind to.

-Cost is about $100 per 10,000 followers the influencer has, per post. (Bundle Packaging can bring the cost down)

-Able to target precise groups of users based on aligning target audience with that of the influencer.


-Influencers vary in what types of payments they accept which may not align with your company policy. i.e. offering product vs. payment

-They don’t always follow the posting guidelines and you must give them the creative license on posting. Afterall, they know the audience best.

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