How to Use your LinkedIn Most Effectively

How to Use your LinkedIn Most Effectively

LinkedIn – a lot of professionals are on this social media website, but don’t have a clear idea of how to use it to the best of its ability. Here are the top 5 ways to use your LinkedIn for opportunities.

1. Keep it totally professional
Political posts, family posts, and entertaining content all have a place for posting. That place is called Facebook. Posting anything but professional information makes LinkedIn profiles look like they aren’t serious business people. Imagine, if you are an employee, that your boss is always watching (because they probably are). If you are a business owner, imagine that your best client is always watching, that they see everything you post. Ask yourself before every post or share, “does this paint the picture I want people to see as my professional self?”

2. Think of your target audience as your next big opportunity.
Sometimes, we want to cater to our clients, or our industry, and post things we think they want to see. In reality, your profile should be a portfolio of your professional career. If you work with bridal shops, you can post NYFW bridal videos when the time is appropriate, but it’s not all you should be posting. Use your profile as a living, breathing, resume so that if someone is looking for a professional in your field, they find you as the absolute expert. Post about what you are doing right now for clients or customers, why your firm is innovative, any community service efforts, and any knowledge about the industry you can share.

3. Endorse others
Have you worked with any of your connections in the past and had a positive experience? If so, endorse their skills on LinkedIn and leave them positive reviews where possible. Remember, there is enough business to go around, and being the positive force in the industry will only increase your chances of having people reciprocate. At the very least, others appreciate your endorsement and your kind words, should they need your services in the future.

4. Engage on a daily basis
Liking and commenting on other’s posts on LinkedIn will keep you at the top of their mind. There is plenty of interesting content to engage with on a daily basis and it will make your connections feel good to know you appreciate the time they spend developing their profiles.

5. Replace Facebook with LinkedIn
If you’re looking to get a leg up on competition, further your career, or increase your business, simply spend the time you would usually spend on Facebook or Instagram (or any other social media) on LinkedIn. Develop your professional network. Read new articles about how to improve your mindset or practices. Work towards your goals on a daily basis with this little change. You will thank yourself when you land your next big opportunity.

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